Eeeew, That’s Gross!

What is it about nose picking, dog poop, and a variety of bodily functions (human and animal) that kids love so much? Sure, they run around saying “Eeew, that’s gross,” but boogers, solid waste, and farts bring out more giggles than almost anything else in childhood. And, let’s face it, they get plenty of parents laughing—and getting back in touch with their inner child—too. This week we take a look at three games are sure to disgust and delight kids and adults alike.

Gooey Louie (Goliath)
gooey louieAs parents, we’re always trying to find those teachable moments, even in toys and games. If you’re looking for educational value, you’ve come to the wrong place with Gooey Louie. But if you’re looking for a completely silly game that’s just plain fun, this is it. The game starts by loading up Louie’s head with long, green, loogies (called “gooeys”) that dangle out of his enormous nose. Then, players take turns rolling a die to see how many of those gooeys they have to pick out. One of them—no one knows which—will make Louie’s eyes pop out, his head fly open, and his brains fly across the room. It’s revolting, but incredibly entertaining for kids and adults. The gooeys look like gummy worms, but, sadly, they aren’t edible. Hmm. Would that be too gross? Nah… Takes 10 minutes max. For two or more players, ages 4 and up. $22.50.

Doggie Doo (Goliath)
doggie doo1doggie doo2Doggie Doo has been around for quite a while, but feeding, walking, and cleaning up after a dog has never been more fun. Here’s how it works: shove some of the specially formulated food (it’s kind of like Play Doh, but stretchier gooier) into your dog’s mouth, then start squeezing his leash. Each squeeze produces a disgusting, but laugh-inducing gassy sound that gets louder and louder until, well, digestion takes its course. Every player has his or her own pooper scooper which, unlike in the real world, they love to use. Theoretically, Doggie Doo is a game, but most kids are going to bypass the rules and skip right to the feeding, farting, and popping part. The folks at Goliath say that the game teaches kids to clean up after their pets. Could be, but it might also be teaching them to play with poop. Either way, everyone should wash their hands afterwards. For two to four players, ages 4 and. $23.00.

Dino Meal (Goliath)
dino mealDino Meal isn’t as gross as Doggie Do or Gooey Louie, but it taps into another childhood favorite to entertain kids and keep ‘em laughing: fear. An evil T-Rex has stolen a bunch of eggs from another dino and has hidden them in a pit, cleverly covered by a leaf. It’s up to us to get those eggs back their parents. Players roll a die to tell them which color egg to rescue. Then, they gently lift up the leaf and use a long tweezers to reach in and grab the egg. All’s well until the T-Rex, who’s been guarding her ill-gotten eggs, lunges forward, jaws snapping. Of course, no one gets hurt, but you’ll jump out of your seat every time. The wide-eyed moments of fear are followed by squeals of delight. Dino Meal can be played by 2-4 players, ages 4 and up, in less than 20 minutes. $18.00.