There’s an Animal for That

Our world is filled with a nearly endless number of creatures in a dazzling variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s no wonder that humans are mesmerized by animals. This week we bring you a number of games that feature animals, some you’ll familiar with, others you’ll learn about for the first time.

Aqua Diver (Play Monster)

aqua diverSummer maybe technically almost over, but it’s still plenty hot in many places, and that means more time by (and in) the pool. For kids and competitive adults who love to hunt chase after submerged objects, this fun squid-shaped toy adds a delightful element of competition. Toss Aqua Diver into the pool and the timer starts the second it hits the water. Then, dive in and try to catch it. Hit the button to stop the timer and it’s the next diver’s turn to try to beat your time. Batteries included. Ages 5+. $14.95.

Jungle Bingo (Laurence King)

jungle bingoWho needs numbers when you can play bingo with Amazon river dolphins, fearsome leopards, pigmy kingfishers, three-banded armadillos, poisonous moth caterpillars, and many more fascinating and beautiful jungle creatures? Comes with a game board, eight double-sided game cards, 48 jungle tokens, and plenty of counters to mark your board. Need more animals? Check out Monkey Bingo, Cat Bingo, and Ocean Bingo. For ages 3+. Under $20.

Dogs & Puppies (Laurence King)

dogs and puppiesThis beautifully illustrated memory matching game features dogs and puppies from 25 breeds. You’ll meet plenty of familiar dogs, like Huskies, Dachshunds, and Dalmatians, but there will also be plenty you’ve never heard of (let alone seen). Collect the most pairs to win. Don’t like dogs? There’s Cats & Kittens. Allergic to cats? Try Match a Leaf. For ages 5+. Under $15.

Dino Domino (Laurence King)

dino dominoThis set includes 28 colorful, not-very-ferocious dino dominoes. Play like you ordinarily would—by matching end pieces. Be the first to play your last dom and you become the ruler of the prehistoric world. For 2-4 players, ages 7+. Under $14.

Spot the Bot (Laurence King)

spot the botThere are four six-sided dice, one each with robot antennae, heads, bodies, and legs. Roll the dice and try to find the robot you rolled on the game board. First to make the connection gets a token; most tokens wins. For two or more players, ages 6+. About $21.

Puzzle to Go: Animals of the World (Mudpuppy)

animals of the worldThis 36-piece puzzle features charmingly illustrated exotic animals from around the world, including a penguin, tiger, toucan, koala, flamingo, quail, and many more. Fully assembled, the puzzle is 12” x 9” and fits perfectly on an airplane tray table. When playtime is over, drop the pieces into the drawstring bag and you’re done. Manufactured with an eye toward sustainability, the fabric bag is 100% cotton, packaging and puzzle materials contain mostly recycled paper and are printed with nontoxic inks. It’s for ages 3+.

Road Trip Bingo (Mudpuppy)

road trip bingoOkay, this game may not seem like it fits our animal category, but the manufacturer’s name is Mudpuppy and the illustration on the box is of dogs driving a car. Plus, there are a few animals (dog, cow, bird) on the bingo cards. The rest of the objects on the card include police cars, toll booths, stop signs, airplanes, tow trucks, churches, cement mixers, taxis, construction cones, motorcycles, and a lot of other things you’re likely to see on a road trip. Be the first to spot an item, shout it out, then mark it on your board using the included dry-erase pens (if you aren’t the first to shout, you don’t get to mark the item). First to get five in a row wins the round. Ages 5+. $12.99.