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Winter is Coming

Yes, “Game of Thrones” is over and it’s still blisteringly hot out there in a lot of places, but the National Hockey League preseason gets underway this weekend, which means that winter can’t be far behind. This week, we feature several hockey- and winter-themed toys and games as well as a few other fun activities to keep you busy when those temperatures start to drop.

Ski Lodge (Playmobil 9280)

playmobil ski lodgeAfter check-in, begin your stay at the lodge by admiring the view from the terrace and enjoying a few alcohol-free drinks (at least until the kids go to bed). Then have dinner in the spacious dining room. In the morning, before you hit the slopes, have breakfast on the patio, then rent your skis at the equipment station. Just like a real ski lodge, there’s a ton of stuff to do—even if you’re not a skier—and this kit comes with everything you need to do it: five figures, skis, firewood, snowman, mittens, and a lot more.  Ages 4+. Under $50.

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There’s an Animal for That

Our world is filled with a nearly endless number of creatures in a dazzling variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. It’s no wonder that humans are mesmerized by animals. This week we bring you a number of games that feature animals, some you’ll familiar with, others you’ll learn about for the first time.

Aqua Diver (Play Monster)

aqua diverSummer maybe technically almost over, but it’s still plenty hot in many places, and that means more time by (and in) the pool. For kids and competitive adults who love to hunt chase after submerged objects, this fun squid-shaped toy adds a delightful element of competition. Toss Aqua Diver into the pool and the timer starts the second it hits the water. Then, dive in and try to catch it. Hit the button to stop the timer and it’s the next diver’s turn to try to beat your time. Batteries included. Ages 5+. $14.95.

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Still More Summer Reading

With half of the country experiencing a heat wave, more and more kids are spending time indoors. And one of the best things to do indoors is read.

Most Marshmallows (Rowboat Watkins)

most marshmallowsLet’s be honest. Most marshmallows get eaten, that’s pretty much the extent of their short, sweet (to the eater, anyway) life. Or is it? Maybe they go to school to learn to be squishy. Maybe they have goals and hopes and dreams just like we do. Maybe all they want is to be extraordinary. After reading this book, you may never look at a marshmallow the same way again… Ages 3+.

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More Summer Reading

Here are more great books for kids of all ages to enjoy for the rest of summer—and beyond.

Peel + Discover Books (Workman Publishing)

pee;+discover dinosThese clever books combine sticker play and trivia for kids who love both (or either). Each book has six sheets of stickers, 20 interactive activity pages, and 60 fascinating facts about kid-friendly topics (titles include Dinosaurs, Washington, DC, Vehicles, Outer Space, Horses, and others). For ages 6+. Under $9.

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