Outdoor Gear for Winter

While you may have sworn that you’d never, ever sound like your mother (or father), you can probably hear their voices when you shout “reminders” to your kids to put a coat on as they streak out the door. Here’s some great winter gear that’ll satisfy even the pickiest grandparents (and parents, of course). However, if you’re planning a ski vacation or are going to spend more time outdoors in the snow, then you might want to pick up some extra winter gear from a place like this rei colorado springs store.

Xersion Midweight Puffer Jacket (JCPenny)

xersion puffer jacketAs a top layer in mild weather, underneath something else for colder days, or all by itself if Spring ever decides to show up, this jacket is well worth a look. It’s got a “puffer”-style chest or vest and knit sleeves with thumb holes. Available at JCPenny in four color combinations for around $64. https://www.jcpenney.com

Active Packable Jacket (Perry Ellis)

active packable jacketThis full zip, color block patterned jacket is ready for wind, rain, or snow, and is incredibly lightweight and has performance stretch to keep you comfortable as you move about. It’s part of the Perry Ellis 360 Performance Collection, and is finished with water-resistant fabric to keep the elements at bay. Surprisingly warm, this jacket is ready to take on the worst that nature can throw at you. It also includes forward-thinking features like a headphone port in the shoulder, so you can access your music or phone anytime you’d like. As the name indicates, this jacket takes up very little space, which makes it great to travel with. $185 at https://www.perryellis.com/

Greenlight Headband and Gloves (Brooks)

brooks threshold glovesIf you’re going outside this winter, you’ll want to cover up your extremities, and these gloves and headband are just the ticket. Lightweight and easy to fit in your coat or jacket pockets, they’re perfect for just about any outdoor activity, like running, hiking, or taking the dog for a walk. The gloves come with tipped fingers so that you can use your phone, tablet, or other touchscreen without removing them. They also have pocket in the palm (which is very clever) so you can access your house key without having to get completely undressed to fish around in your pockets. They also have little magnets in the wrists that keep them together in your pocket or your drawer. The headband stays firmly in place, keeping your ears warm and hair in place no matter how much running around you’re doing. There is also reflective writing on it so you’ll be more visible at night. Prices start at $18. http://www.brooksrunning.com

Invoke II Ski Jacket and Pants (Dare 2b)

dare 2 be jacket and pantsIf you’re heading out for a snowy weekend trip or family vacation, check out this fun, bright, colorful-and quite functional-ski apparel for everyone in the family. The ski pants and jackets are not only eye catching, but also pretty darned comfortable. Waterproof and breathable, the four-way stretch fabric will help keep your range of motion as unlimited as possible. The sleeves and knees are articulated, and while you’ll stay warm and comfortable, the tapered seams and underarm ventilation will help you keep cool and give you some well-needed breathability if you start to build up a sweat from all your activity. Prices vary. http://en.dare2b.com

Kiwi Classic Thermic (Craghoppers)

If you spend as much time running around town as you do exploring trails, check this out. AcquaDry materials keep out the rain, sleet, and snow, while the plush, insulated lining keeps you snug and warm on the inside. And with seven pockets, this coat makes it easy to carry just about everything you need with you (instead of having to schlep around a backpack). About $140, but keep an eye out for sales. https://www.craghoppers.com