Let’s Get Rollin’ (and Rockin’)

This week we review several fun toys that will get you and your kids rolling—and in one case, rocking and rolling.

Light & Sound Firetruck (BRIO)

Brio light and sound firetruckYour toddler will love rolling all over your house—lights flashing and sirens wailing—putting out fires. The retractable hose and connectable ladders give the firetruck a relatively realistic feel, and the two smiling fire fighters (included) will keep your little one company as she saves the day. The truck’s soft plastic wheels won’t damage your floors, and there’s no water involved, which is nice. Batteries are included. For kids 18 months and up. Under $30. http://www.brio.us

My First Take Along Set (BRIO)

Brio take along setGot a budding railway conductor under your roof? This solidly built plastic-and-wood set is a great intro to the wonderful world of trains. It comes with a brightly colored train engine, a bell wagon, connectors, and ramps. The tracks themselves are cleverly built into the plastic carrying case, which makes cleanup, storage, and traveling a breeze. The tracks and the rest of the pieces are compatible with all of BRIO’s many other train sets and accessories. For ages 18 months and up. Under $40. http://www.brio.us

Play Impossible Gameball (Play Impossible)

Play Impossible GameballAside from wooden blocks, it’s hard to think of any toy or game that’s lower tech than a ball, which is why this incredibly high-tech ball is such a blast. It’s loaded with an accelerometer, Bluetooth, and more, which measure the ball’s speed, height, spin, and a lot more. It comes loaded with nine games (with more on the way) that will keep you rolling, tossing, catching, and sweating—and will build hand-eye coordination, agility, and creative thinking. In one game, you need to toss the ball for an exact number of feet within a time limit. The ball keeps track of each toss, adding them together until you reach the goal. Gameball pairs via Bluetooth with a free iOS or Android app to record your progress, and charges incredibly quickly—20 seconds gives you a full hour of play. You can play alone, but it’s a lot more fun to with (or against) others. Ages 9+. Under $100. https://www.playimpossible.com/

Tonka Tinys Rescue Response Station (Tonka)

Tonka TinysThis fire station playset features three levels of play and is great for kids (and adults) who like to destroy things. You can launch your tiny Tonkas over flames, crash them through a brick wall, or send them hurtling down a series or ramps or a spinning platform. Comes with three exclusive Tinys and enough parking for five more. This set is compatible with every other set and vehicle in the extensive Tonka Tinys line. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as sturdy as we’ve come to expect from Tonka toys, but young kids will still love it. For ages 5+. About $25. http://www.funrise.com/tonka-micro-site/

SoundMoovz (Cra-Z-Art)

SoundMoovzWant to add some rockin’ to your rollin’? These motion-activated bands will get you there in style—and in rhythm. You get two bands, which can go on either a wrist or an ankle. Once they’re on, pair them via Bluetooth with the free SoundMoovz app on your favorite device and choose from more than 400 sounds. There are beats (snare drum, cymbal crash, bass thump, and more), music (choose from a variety of instruments), and effects (like karate chop sounds or robot beeps). Once you’ve got that set up, all you have to do is move, dance, tap, clap, and wiggle and every movement will produce a sound that you can layer over your favorite tunes. Why just sit around listening to music when you can get up and make it better? SoundMoovz come in blue, black, and pink, and batteries are included. Ages 9+. Under $70 https://cra-z-artshop.com