Summer’s a Comin…

As we begin the countdown to summer recess, you might be wondering (or worrying about) what the kids will do to while away the hours at home. If you aren’t out exploring the great outdoors, here are some fun ideas for you.


Hot Wheels 7” Tablet (Nabi)

nabi hotwheels tabletPlanning a long road trip or flight with young kids? If so, a tablet could be your new best friend. This one comes with several Hot Wheels screens, including one titled “Hot Wheels Labs,” which lets children watch videos about the science of and forces propelling the resistance, friction, and gravity of those loveable mini vehicles—in other words, how they really work. Since so many kids are addicted to Hot Wheels, this is a fun way for them to learn something new. Consider it branded science, LOL. Along the same lines, there’s also a “Trackwars & Hacks” area with over 25 apps and games. The tablet’s custom orange bumper helps protect the hardware from the bumps and falls it will likely take, and racing sound effects will thrill your little gear-heads. Not interested in Hot Wheels? Not to worry. Barbie and American Girl versions are also available. About $79 at Best Buy, Toys R Us, Kmart, Costco, or

Dancing Groot Figure (Hasbro)

hasbro dancing groot guardians of galaxyAre you and the kids excited for the upcoming sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy? We sure are. As you may remember, toward the end of the first volume, Groot sacrificed himself to save his friends, and Rocket replanted a small piece of Groot, hoping he’d grow anew. And grow he did—into a fun little dancing Baby Groot that made us all giggle through the credits. To get you back into Guardians mode, check out this new, 11.5″ electronic figure that lights up and dances to clips of music from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Groot can detect external sounds, so you can also play your own music for him to groove to. Batteries required—and included. About $34.99 at most major retailers and


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Jedha Revolt 4 Pack (Hasbro)

hasbro rogue one star wars figuresCan’t get enough space adventure? Craving more sequels (and prequels)? Well, now you and your children can act out your favorite scenes from Rogue One, or mix and mingle with all those other action figures that have turned your living room into a mine field to create your own completely new adventures. The possibilities for little (or not-so-little) fans, of course, are endless. This pack comes with Jyn Erso, Saw Gerrera, Imerial Hovertank Pilot, and Edrio Two Tubes, along with five accessories. Under $25 at most major retailers and on


furReal Kami, My Poopin’ Kitty (Hasbro)

hasbro poopin' kittyWhen your child is ready to come back to Earth or just needs a more-realistic playmate, check out furRreal Kami, My Poopin’ Kitty. Yes, you totally read that right. For the past few years, toys that poop have been a thing, and Kami is the latest addition to that storied tradition. Why do kids think poop is funny? Ask their dads, since they still do, too. furReal Kami is more than just her poop, however. She has many fun and funny moments, and behaves like a realistic kitty as well. You can feed her treats and even take her for walks—unlike most cats, but we assume they wanted to incorporate some dog-like awesomeness as well. Kami also sits, and when you pull back on the leash, that’s usually when she leaves her deposits. She even comes with her own clean up bag, so no litter box required (although batteries are, but they’re not included). Under $24.99 at most major retailers or