Pick a Card, Any Card

Tired of solitaire, poker, black jack, and rummy? Here are four fun, new card games that the whole family will love to play.

Pin Point! (Blue Orange)

blue orange pin pointIn this fun, fast-paced twist on the “spot-the-difference” game, players use logic and deductive reasoning to figure out which of five nearly identical images is the original. Since each of the non-original images has changed only one feature, when you find a feature that appears on only one image, you know it’s not the original, and you can eliminate it from contention. Pin Point! Is a great game for just about any age, although be warned: younger players tend to have sharper eyes and are therefore often a lot better at this kind of thing than adults. Comes with 72 challenge cards and six colored dice (for alternate game play) and takes only about 10 minutes to play. You can play Pin Point! cooperatively, competitively, or individually.  http://www.blueorangegames.com

Personalogy (Interact Games, LLC)

personalogyHave you ever been sitting with your kids and realized that you have no idea what to talk about? And how many times have you struggled to keep the kids from diving into their phone whenever there’s more than three seconds of silence? Well, with Personalogy, those days are over. The game consists of more than 100 cards that are designed to be read out loud, the goal being to see how well everyone else knows the person reading the card. For example: “Which If I could talk to animals, which one would I choose, and why?’ and “What annoys me most at home, and why?” and “Which song would I prefer to sing at a Karaoke bar and why?” Each card has six possible answers, but you don’t have to stick to the script. But the best part is the “why.” You can play it as an ice breaker at parties, a zero-tech travel or waiting-for-your-food-to-come-at-a-restaurant game, or as a fun conversation starter. There are two versions of the game: a kid-friendly one, and one that’s more adult oriented. Under $20 at amazon or http://personalogygame.com


Fast Flip (Blue Orange)

blue orange fast flipAlthough the name of the game is Fast Flip, the flip itself is actually the slowest part. Each of the 54 triangular cards has a bunch of different fruits (let’s call that “the salad”) on one side and either a number or a single fruit on the other. Starting with the salad side down, flip the card over, and here’s where the fast part comes. If there’s a fruit on the non-salad side, players shout out how many of that fruit are on the salad side. If there’s a number, players shout which fruit has that many pieces in the salad. You’ll need sharp eyes and an even sharper mind. For 2-8 players age 7 and up. Available at retailers everywhere or http://www.blueorangegames.com


Krazy Wordz (Ravensburger)

krazy wordz ravensburgerThe goal here is, according to Ravensburger, is to make sense out of nonsense. Players each get a task card with a random phrase (things like “the name of the tooth fairy,” “world’s coldest place,” “dog food brand,” and “extreme sport”). Players also get nine letter tiles—six consonants and three vowels. Each player makes up a word for what’s on his or her task card. Once that’s done, the task cards are collected, one more is added, and laid out for all to see. Then players try to guess which of the bizarre words matches which task card. Points are earned for correctly guessing someone else’s and when someone else correctly guesses yours. It’s a great way to exercise your wit and creativity. For 3-7 players. And since you don’t need to have a big vocabulary or know how to spell, it’s fun for players 7 and up. https://www.ravensburger.com