No More Boring Lunchboxes and Backpacks

Lunchboxes and backpacks can be pretty boring-but they don’t have to be. Not many parents know that their children can carry their school necessities with pride, whether it’s with personalized photo on bags or snazzy lunchboxes or pocket bags. Take Fjallraven Bagpacks and pocket bags for instance which make for unique 15 year old boy gifts. They are durable and stylish. Plus, these lightweight backpacks come in different colors, and feature cushioned pockets and adjustable straps. Now, no one has to have drab accessories ever again. Especially when you can make your own custom-designed backpacks a reality using services from companies like Imprint – go now to see their website and what products you can create to your liking and specifications. Here are a few of our favorite ways to add in some style and fun to these otherwise yawn-inducing school necessities.

Bentology (Bentology)

bentologyBentology has a number of colorful, easy-to-clean ways to pack your child’s lunch. Bento sets include a large plastic container and five smaller containers (three with lids) that fit perfectly inside. Bento Kits include all that, plus a stylin’ insulated bag (available in seven prints) and a set of utensils. You can also buy individual containers and lids, cool packs, rice molds, thermoses and more. If your child isn’t big on sandwiches or likes to keep food items from getting co-mingled, this one is perfect for you. All Bentology products are available for purchase at specialty retailers nationwide or directly from

ECOlunchbox (ECOlunchboxes)

ecolunchbox Seal-Cup-Trio-StackECOlunchbox takes the Bento concept and, as the name implies, adds an element of environmental awareness, meaning absolutely zero plastic on or in any of their products. The lunchboxes and trays are typically made of metal and many come with leak-proof metal or silicone lids. We especially loved the Seal Cup Trio, which features three nestling cups. There are also a number of colorful and wonderfully designed lunch bags and totes made from organic cotton. Everything-including the bags-is washable. Available at many retailers or at

Dabawalla lunch bags (Dabawalla)

dabawalla lunchboxThese adorable, easy-to-clean, attractive lunchbags are specially aimed at preschoolers and young elementary students. The designs are free of commercial influence but still colorful and engaging for children. So instead of cartoon characters, action figures, and endless movie tie-ins, you get bright, wholesome images like puppies, apples, rocket ships, and more. If you’ve got a big eater, Dabawalla’s insulated lunch totes are large and have plenty of space to fit everything you need for a whole day at school (or work). And if you have a messy eater, these bags are also easy to clean and machine washable (but you’ll want to keep them out of the dryer). Find yours for about $30 at

Whiffer Sniffers (Whiffer Sniffers)

whiffer sniffersFor elementary school kids (and even some young-at-heart middle-schoolers) backpack clips are a big deal right now. Whiffer Sniffers remind us of those scented markers we had back in grade school. These scented plush clips are adorable, and really smell like their character. If your child’s room is emitting an odd odor, all you need is a few Whiffer Sniffers; we especially like Freddie Frosted (a donut) and Chip (a chocolate chip). Whiffer Sniffers come in several sizes and styles, including a snuggly supersized version and scratch-n-sniff stickers, and there are more than a dozen characters. Plus there are some special characters that show up only in mystery packs. Grab yours at your favorite retailers or

Emojiez (Fun2Play)

emojiez If there’s not an app for that, there’s definitely an emoji. And now, they’ve made the jump from your smartphone to your child’s backpack and desk. You’ll find a ton of 3D versions of your favorite emojis, including the ever-popular poop one (which, thankfully, is not scented), all of which come in a wide variety of styles, including Stickerz, SlapBandz, Squishiez (pencil toppers), Eraserz, Plushiez, PlushiPalz (backpack clips), and otherz. For ages 3 and up, at retailers everywhere or