All Washed Up

Summer’s here, and it’s time to head outside. And while you’re there, why not get wet? Really, really wet. Here are our current water-themed faves for the whole family.

Splash Out (Far Out Toys)

splash outThis Q&A game features a ball that holds a water balloon. Then, you set a timer on the ball and players take turns holding the ball while answering a question. As soon as you answer, you pass the ball to the next person who answers the same question. Answer quickly and you stay dry. Hesitate and the timer pops the balloon and you’re all washed up. Comes with waterproof question cards and balloons. Great fun for indoors or out, and, of course, who says you have to limit yourself to water? It all depends on how much of a mess you want to clean up. Ages 8+. Under $18.

Gazillion Bubbles Crazy Wands (Funrise Toys)

gazillion magic wandsWho doesn’t love bubbles? They’re fun to blow, fun to catch, and fun to watch (but, admittedly, less fun to eat). Gazillion makes a huge variety of bubble-related toys, including Crazy Wands, which are like regular wants but with vampire or monster lips that will let you add some attitude to your bubbles. This kit comes with two wands, a dipping dray, and an 8-oz bottle of premium bubble fluid. Ages 3+. Prices vary.

Mega Melon Sprinkler Ball (Prime Time Toys)

mega mellon sprinklerSay goodbye to that boring, old sprinkler that you used to run through in the backyard. This 3-foot-tall inflatable ball connects to a standard garden hose and blasts water in four different directions. The kids will love it and so will you. Ages 4+. Available only at Target and for under $20.

Bunch-O-Balloons (Zuru)

bunch-o-balloons avengersWhen we first saw Bunch-O-Balloons a few years back, we thought it was a cool idea. But we never would have imagined how far they’d be able to extend their brand and product line. The balloons themselves haven’t changed much since they first hit the market: they still come in bunches that let you fill up to 100 self-tying balloons in less than a minute. And they still come in a variety of colors. This year, though, they’ve added Marvel’s Avenger-themed balloons. Ages 6+. Around $10 for 100 balloons (in three bunches).

Bunch-0-Balloons Water Slide Wipeout (Zuru)

bunch-o-balloons water slideIf you loved Wham-O’s Slip ‘N Slide, you’ll love Zuru’s Water Slide Wipeout. The concept is similar—a long (in this case, 16 feet) roll-out slide that connects to a hose. But at the end of the Wipeout there’s a built-in bin that you can fill with water balloons. That serves two purposes. First, it acts as a crash pad to help you stop at the end, instead of sliding into the rose bushes. Second, the slider can quickly grab balloons and start throwing them at nearby spectators. All in all, it’s a perfect recipe for slippin’, slidin’, wet ‘n wild fun for everyone. Ages 4+ (with adult supervision) Comes with 100 balloons.

Bunch-O-Balloons Slingshot (Zuru)

bunch-o-balloons slingshotThe problem with regular water-balloon fights is that the balloons aren’t very aerodynamic, which means they don’t fly very far. But with the new Slingshot, you can launch a balloon up to 130 feet, which now puts your across-the-street neighbors well within range of your hydro-assault. Comes with 100 balloons (biodegradable and recyclable) and the slingshot. Ages 6+. Under $18.