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Gearing up for Winter

As you head out into the blustery, winter-y weather that has already descended on many of us, you’ll want to make sure the kids are well equipped to handle everything that mother nature dishes out. Here are some of our favorites for your snow days.

Boy’s Dedicate Jacket (Dare 2b)

dare 2 b jacketOne of the most important winter wear items is a durable, water-resistant coat, and this one is great for both daily wear and serious outdoor play. It not only wears well, but has all sorts of features that your kids (and you) will love, including a waterproof outer layer, a hood that detaches (but doesn’t fall off), and elastic trim for easy adjusting. It also has internal mesh pockets, all of which zip (which should reduce the number of gloves that get lost), and bight, reflective details, making spotting your child on the trails or during snowball fights even easier. For girls, there’s the Entrust Jacket—same coat, different name Both are about $140 at http://www.dare2b.com. Infant snuggler suits (one-piece coats for babies) are also available for about $50 each.

Jr Rascal Gloves (Seirus)

It’s hard to play outside for very long with cold, wet hands, right? These cool gloves come in fun options like skeleton, zombie, and digi (think video game/Minecraft looking), and feel as good as they look. Kids will like them because they’re fun, and you’ll like them because they’re functional and do their job well. They’re windproof, water resistant, and have Heatlock insulation to keep little hands warm. They also feature a gauntlet cuff that cinches easily to help keep ice and snow from getting inside. We especially love the SureGrip on the palms and fingers that makes it easier to maintain a grip on whatever you’re trying to keep in your hands. About $30 at http://www.seirus.com

Icebug Myoko BUGweb GTX (Icebug)

If there’s any snow trekking in your future, you’ll love these kids’ boot (and yes, the company also makes shoes and boots for adults). These boots are cut slightly higher than the ankle, are comfortable to wear, and have plenty of fleece insulation to keep your feet warm. (which means no complaints about sore or cold feet). And the GORE-TEX outer shell will keep your child’s feet dry. They’re also easy to put on and take off, and parent who’ve had wars with snow boots will appreciate the double Velcro that kids can adjust themselves. $169.95 at http://icebug.com/us

Hi-Tec Socks (Hi-Tec)

Most people forget about socks until it’s too late, but in winter, you won’t want to put on your boots with out a pair that’s warm, comfortable, and high. Yes, high—at least mid calf—because there’s nothing more annoying then a sock that slides down under your foot while you’re walking about. Hi-Tec makes socks for men and women, and we’ve worn them on a multitude of activities and climates and have been very happy with them. They’re soft, they stay where you want them to, have plenty of cushioning, and a reinforced heel and toe. They also have arch support and compression, which is pretty advanced stuff for a sock. Retail price is $15 – $20, which might seem like a lot for socks, but they do flex an awful lot of muscle, and you’ll be surprised at how much happier your feet are when they’re warmer for longer and when you don’t have to deal with all of that annoying, under-the-heel nonsense that often happens when wearing boots. http://us.hi-tec.com/accessories.html

Baby It’s Cold Outside—and It’s Only Getting Colder

Just because the weather outside has gotten a bit frightful, there’s no reason why the clothes you bundle up in can’t be delightful. Check out these snazzy layers (that will last more than just one season) from some of our favorite brands.

swainby half zip fleeceSwainby Half-Zip Fleece (Craghoppers)
When it’s cold enough to need more than a long-sleeve shirt, the Swainby half-zip fleece is just the ticket for the men (and teen boys) in your life. Soft, comfortable, and nearly impossible to stain (trust us—we’ve field-tested this), it also comes out of the dryer without all the ugly pilling that some fleece gets. And the classic styling means it goes well with just about anything. Oh, and it keeps you warm too. The high collar and elasticized cuffs and hem help keep that heat in. Too warm? No worries; that’s what the half-zip is for. $60 at http://www.us.craghoppers.com


skipton jacketSkipton Jacket (Craghoppers)
When you need a little more than a sweatshirt—even a warm, fleece one like the Swainby—try Craghoppers’ Skipton Jacket. It’s water resistant, which makes it great for those snowy, sleety, rainy days. It’s also soft, lightweight, super insulated, and nowhere near as thick as you’d think it would need to be to keep you warm in 30-degree weather (which it does). It’s stylish enough to complement any outfit and to wear everywhere you go, and the satiny-smooth lining feels great up against your skin. It has both a zipper and buttons, and you can use either one or both together for added wind protection. To top it off (quite literally) is an attached hood. Two fully functional side pockets are big enough for your hands, a pair of gloves, keys, or your phone. About $180 at sites like http://www.backcountry.com/

ice bug bootsIcebug Diana BUGrip boots (Icebug)
Sooner or later you’re going to head outside, where you may have to deal with cold, wet, icy weather. The Icebug Diana BUGrip boots are amazing in all those scenarios. Besides being nice to look at, they keep your feet warm and dry, and the BGrip outsole maintains a firm grip on the ground. These half-calf high, fleece-lined boots are good for tromping about on snowy days and keeping your pants dry, too. They’re zippered, which makes them easy to put on, and come with a front lace for easy adjustment. About $200 at http://icebug.com/us/ or retailers like Amazon.


hi tec bootsSt. Moritz Lite 200 i WP boots (Hi-Tec)
Still got cold feet? Check out the St. Moritz Lite 200 i WP. That’s quite a mouthful, but these insulated, fleece-lined, water-resistant, boots will keep your feet warm and dry as you stomp through the snow no matter how cold it gets. And when you get back, these cuties with their faux-fur tops will have everyone you know asking where you got them. They come in black, brown, or gray and are odor resistant as well, so you won’t have to leave them outside the door to air out. About $100 at http://us.hi-tec.com.


naot vistosoNaot Vistoso (Naot)
Looking for something a little less “outdoorsy” but still ready for winter festivities? The Naot Vistoso will be your go to boot. Zipping up the side, these adorable ankle boots come with a Holiday-ready bow. They’re padded for extra comfort and have a memory foam footbed that molds to your feet, making them even more comfortable with time. Sturdy yet flexible, you won’t feel like you’re doing a balancing act when you’re out, and you won’t feel the need to kick them off as soon as you get home. About $200 at http://naot.com or other retailers.