Soft and Snuggly

Soft and snuggly is what bedtime (and even just cuddle time) is all about. Here are some new cute critters that will make wonderful additions to your den, living room, and/or your child’s bedroom. Of course, they’re perfect for Easter and Passover, but they’re also great fun for the rest of the year.

Petsies (Petsies)

petsiesIf you have pets, your family will love Petsies, which let you and your kids custom design a stuffed animal to look just like your real-life furry family member. Just send in a photo of your pet and choose from a wide selection of colors, ear types, tails, and even tongues, and a plush version of your pet will arrive at your door in about six weeks. In the meantime, the Petsies Design Team will send you regular updates, with photos of the entire design and sewing process of plushifying your pet. The likenesses are amazing. Get yours at

Budsies (Budsies)

budsiesWhile we’re talking about customization, what Petsies does for pet, Budsies does for almost any drawing your child can come up with. Since both are owned by the same company, the process is similar: send in a photo of what you want made into a toy and the designers get busy bringing it to life.  You can choose colors and design options, and even include a written explanation to ensure that the designers truly understand your future creation’s backstory. As with Petsies, the updates—especially the photos—help that six-week turnaround time feel a lot shorter. Budsies are truly unique and a lot of fun.

Little Daydream the Stuffed Pink Llamacorn Mini Flopsie (Aurora)

llamacornA fun, no fuss toy that’s easy to pick up and would be great to put in any Easter Basket or as a Passover gift. Little Daydream comes in quite a few sizes and truly has it all: She (or is it he?) is super soft and shiny, has a glittery unicorn horn (yes, even llamas can have them) and hooves to match, thereby combining several of the most popular toy trends of 2019 (llamas, unicorns, and glitter). As a result, Daydream is a great choice for pretty much any kid who loves stuffed animals. Prices vary.

cuddle+kind Handknit Dolls (cuddle+kind)

cuddle+kindFor all your loved ones, whether they’re one or 101, these amazingly adorable dolls are perfect for anyone who loves stuffed animals are just needs a cuddle now and then. But they offer a lot more than cuteness—here’s where the Kind part comes in. These handcrafted, heirloom-quality dolls are ethically produced by artisan knitters in Peru. And sales of the dolls fund meals for hungry children around the world (specifically 10 meals for every doll sold). According to the company, “cuddle+kind has partnerships with several respected humanitarian agencies including World Food Program USA, Children’s Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada, and WE Charity to guarantee that every purchase directly benefits children in need.” Right now, there are 27 characters—most available in two sizes—including dogs, polar bears, bunnies, fawns, penguins, mermaids, cats, bears, foxes, and, of course, unicorns. Prices start around $50.