Time to Get Your Craft On

Looking for the perfect quiet-time activity to do with your school-age kids? These colorful, artistic kits are perfect for after school, weekends, or even a little pre-bedtime relaxation.

Bath Fizzies (Creativity for Kids)

bath fizziesOne of the newest entries in Creativity for Kids’ impressive line of craft/art-oriented kits, this one comes with everything your child will need to make six soothing bath fizzies. Specifically, you get two butterfly molds, baking soda, fizzy formulas, fragrances, shimmering stuff, and charms to hide in the fizzies. You also get gift wrap and tags, in case you want to give your creations away. In our house, bath time and meal time are separate events, but just in case a younger child gets ahold of one, these fizzies are gluten- and paraben-free and vegan. Who knew? Now, just slip into the tub and relaaaaax. For ages 7+. About $16. http://www.fabercastell.com

Calming Swirl Charms (Creativity for Kids)

swirl charmCalming is exactly the right word for this unique kit. You get everything you need to make five hypnotic, soothing charms: small plastic jars, glitter, beads, glow-in-the-dark sand, gel, stickers, tiny pom-poms, glue, and much more. Once you lay out your supplies, you and your child will enjoy creating your very own, custom designed charm that you can wear around your neck or clip to a bracelet or backpack. These charms are fun to make and cool to look at. And the activity itself is a great way to focus, unplug, and relax—all at the same time. For ages 5+. Under $15. http://www.fabercastell.com

Circuit Pinball Electronics Lab (Uncle Milton)

pinball kitEver wondered what’s underneath all the lights, bells, flippers, and springs that make pinball machines so engaging? Now’s your chance to find out. You’ll be creating your very own machine (that actually works), complete with lights and sounds effects. Plus, you’ll be learning about electronic circuits and what you have to do to make bulbs blink and sounds boink. There are more than 20 experiments to do, each with full-color diagrams and an explanation. Perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon when you and your child will have plenty of time to work together. Requires three AA batteries, which aren’t included. For ages 8+. Under $30. http://unclemilton.com

Official Make-Your-Own Slime Kit (Craft City)

make-your-own slimeFrom YouTube sensation Karina Garcia comes this craft kit, which includes enough glue, color, and other secret (not really) ingredients to whip up eight amazing, colorful slime creations that glow, sparkle, pop, or just lie there like a blob (which, technically, is exactly what slime is).  All the ingredients are safe, and aside from being fun, making slime with your kids requires surprisingly little clean up. You can follow the instructions or experiment and improvise on your own, which is exactly what Karina herself does in her videos on https://craftcitylife.com. For ages 5+. Under $20, exclusively at Target or https://www.target.com

Sequin Drawing (Creativity for Kids)

sequin drawingRemember Etch-A-Sketch—that cool, old-timey toy that lets you draw by turning wheels? If you created something wonderful, you could keep it as long as you liked, but if you wanted to change it, all you had to do was shake it and start over. This kit is similar in that it comes pre-assembled, and all you need to do is use the included stylus (or your finger) to write messages or draw pictures in the bed of sequins, or just run your fingers across the surface and let yourself slip into a meditative trance. Once you’re done, your creation is already frame and easy to display. Feel like starting over? No problem! For ages 6+. About $18. http://www.fabercastell.com

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