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The Art of Science Meets the Science of Art

Anyone who loves—or even just appreciates—science will tell you that there’s something beautiful about it. At the same time, those who love—or even just appreciate—art, often admire the technique and scientific precision that can go into creating a masterpiece. This week we had a chance to experience several engaging products that blur the lines between art and science.

Virtuali-Tee (Curiscope)

virtuali-tee curiscopeAmong its many applications, augmented reality (AR) has the capacity to revolutionize education, and the Virtuali-Tee is a great example. Just download the free iOS/Android app, have someone put on the included t-shirt (or, if you’re alone, use selfie mode), and get ready to explore the circulatory (bloodstream), respiratory (lungs), and digestive (intestines) systems in a truly eye-popping way. Each one uses 360-degree videos that make you feel like you’re stepping inside your own body. While exploring the bloodstream, for example, you’ll barrel through veins and arteries, dodging giant blood cells. Touch on-screen “hot spots” and an on-board anatomy expert will explain everything you need to know. If you’re looking for a way to spark—or deepen—an interest in human anatomy, you can’t do better than this. For ages 6+. $29.95. https://www.curiscope.com
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