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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you’re anything like us, you like to be active and outside as much as possible. Cold weather complicates things, but not to worry. It’s still possible to take in some natural vitamin D all year ‘round, even if you’re all bundled up. Here are some functional, eco-friendly cool-weather options that we’re loving right now.

Original Stegmann Shoes (Stegmann)

original stegmannThe perfect slip on shoe for indoors or out, the Original Stegmann is great for camping, running errands, and everything in between. Made from a proprietary wool blend, these shoes have fantastic arch and toe support, a contoured cork sole that helps provide additional metatarsal support, and a gentle slope that helps reduce ankle and back pain. So if you’ve got aching feet, issues like plantar fasciitis, or a bad back, these are well worth considering. All in all, if comfort is your thing—and whose isn’t?—check ‘em out. https://www.stegmannusa.com. Prices vary.
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