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Keeping up with the Kids

If you’ve got an energetic child, you know how exhausted you can feel at the end of the day. One way to get in shape—especially if it’s too hot to work out outside or you don’t have time to go to the gym—is to do your exercising at home. These DVDs can help.

Bottom Line and A Core Defined (Patricia Friberg)

bottom lineThis Pilates and strength-based workout is broken into three segments: Bottom Activation 1 and 2, and A Core Defined. The first two (as you can guess from the name) focus on defining your butt, but also work your core, improve your posture, and help you become more flexible and fit. Aside from the glutes, you’ll also feel this workout in your abs and legs. Do the first activation a few times before you move on to the second, just to get the hang of it and to get your body ready for the higher intensity. A Core Defined covers more of the body, but the primary focus is the abs. Friberg gives good direction throughout. Just work at a pace that’s comfortable and move on when you’re ready. $20 at http://www.patriciafriberg.com
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