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We Got Game—and Now You Can Too

Five fun family board games to keep you laughing and learning.

Awkward Family Photos (Loaded Questions)

Awkward family photosOne player deals eight cards to all the other players. Each card has a line—some you know, others will leave you scratching your head—from movies (some you’ve heard of, others not so much). The dealer then pulls an Awkward Family Photo card from the deck and turns it over for all to see. Players decide which of their eight movie line cards would make the best caption for the picture. The dealer picks the winner and awards points accordingly. If you run out of pictures, you can download more from awkwardfamilyphotos.com. Movie knowledge might help a little, but it’s by no means necessary. A good sense of humor, however, is essential.  About $18. For 4-8 players, ages 12+.  http://loadedquestions.com

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