Parents@Play Gift Guide #7: There’s Still Time, But You’d Better Hurry…

You mean you haven’t finished your Holiday shopping yet? Not to worry. Here are some great last-minute options that are sure to please.


Compete Hot Wheels Edition Wearable (nabi)

nabi compete hotwheelsIn theory, this fitness tracker for kids is pretty similar to the one you may have your wrist, with its step counter and a promise to make exercise less boring. But unlike most trackers for adults, this one actually keeps that promise by truly making exercise fun by letting kids set distance goals such as a marathon or a run across the Brooklyn Bridge, giving kids info on how much activity they’ll need to do to burn of that bag of chips or slice of pizza (an approach that has been proven much more successful than simply listing calories and grams of fat), and providing all sorts of other incentives to get up and move. Ages 6+. Plain nabi Competes are under $40 for a pair. Barbie- and Hot Wheels branded Competes are under $30 for one.

Kurio Watch (KD Interactive)

kurio watchIf you’ve got an Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, or one of the other smartwatches out there (from Sony, Pebble, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.), there’s a good chance that your kids are jealous and want one too. Unfortunately (for the kids—especially little ones), smartwatches are just too expensive. Until now. The new Kurio Watch is designed especially for kids and is so packed with features that you may be the jealous one. The Watch shoots video and takes still pics, has a built-in accelerometer and some really fun games, messages with any Android device, has an ICE (in case of emergency) function, comes in a variety of colors, and even tells time. Ages 6+. Under $60.


SE Tablet (nabi)

nabi SE tabletMost parents these days are justifiably concerned about kids spending too much time on screens. But we also understand that there’s a difference between good screens and bad ones. The new nabi SE tablet is a good one. Of course, it comes pre-loaded with games and an entire education system. But there are a few features that set nabi apart from other kids’ tablets. You can configure nabi to reward your kids for doing chores and making other good choices. And it has a customizable—and completely safe—social network for messaging, sharing pics, and more: No one can connect with your kids unless they have a unique friend code. Ages 4-6. Under $80.


Neon Street Rollers (Yvolution)

neon street rollerRemember Heelys—those cool-looking shoes with wheels in the heels? How ‘bout good, old-fashioned roller blades (or roller skates, which are making something of a comeback)? Well, now, you can get that delightful, rolling experience without having to change your shoes. Neon Street Rollers fit over almost any footwear, are fully (and easily) adjustable, snug, and more stable than Heelys, since the wheels are positioned on the outside of each foot instead of centered under the heel. The LEDs in the wheels flash when you’re moving (without batteries!), which makes Rollers even cooler. Ages 6+. Under $30 at Amazon and other retailers.


Super Wubble (NSI)

super wubbleIf you like Wubble (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love Super Wubble, which is made of Xpandium, a stronger, stretchier, and bouncier material that makes this giant ball incredibly fun. Just break out the battery-operated pump (batteries not included) and you’re ready to go within minutes. All you need is a ton of energy and some wide, open spaces (we don’t recommend Wubble for indoor use). Also comes with a patch kit, just in case you succeed in puncturing the Xpandium. For all ages. Under $30.

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