Parents@Play 2018 Gift Guide #1: Taking Flight

With Halloween but a distant memory and the taste of Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pie still fresh in our mouth, it’s time to start getting ready for the Holidays. Here are some great toys that will take your plans to new heights.

Aura Drone with Glove Controller (Aura)

aura droneOne of the biggest frustrations that drone pilots—especially inexperienced ones—have dealing with joysticks. The new drone completely eliminates those challenges by putting all the controls onto the back of your hand. Just slip on the Gesturebotics glove and within seconds after unboxing your drone, you’ll be able to take off, hover, land, navigate an obstacle course, and do a variety of tricks. Oh, and guess what? There’s NO app involved. Everything you need is right on your hand. It’s a whole new wave to fly. Built-in height and distance limiters keep the drone under your power and make it easy to use indoors. And there’s a safety frame that protects the drone and walls from each other. Under $80. For ages 6+.

Drone Builder Kit (Circuit Scribe)

circuit scribe drone builderFor the DIY enthusiast, this new kit lets you build and fly your own drone. Rather than use wiring to connect the propellers to the power source, you “draw” the circuits using conductive ink from what looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen. You can use the cardboard arms that come with the kit or make your own. It even includes an on-board 480p camera. You’ll need an Android or Apple device. The corresponding app is free, of course, and includes easy-to-fly hover, takeoff, and landing modes as well as manual joystick control. The website has blueprints and a very thorough Q&A/help section to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Under $100. Ages 12+.


powerup dartNot ready (or just not interested in) drones? No problem. POWERUP lets you add power to your very own paper airplanes. Better still, with this newest iteration, you can actually take off and land your plane from a tabletop. That right, no throwing required. POWRERUP is extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking if you accidentally (or deliberately) crash. Use Bluetooth to connect your POWERUP to your Android or iOS device and use your screen to fly up to 180 feet away, doing tricks and stunts the whole time. Under $50. Ages 14+.

Dash Nano Drone (Sky Viper)

sky viper dashToo cold or windy to take your drone outside? No problem. This palm-sized drone (the controller is actually bigger than the drone itself!) is perfect for zipping around indoors. In auto mode (which includes one-button launches and landings and hands-free hovering), Dash is easy enough for first-time pilots to operate. But in Manual mode, it’s advanced enough for experienced pilots looking for a challenge. About $25. Ages 12+.

Fury Stunt Drone (Sky Viper)

sky viper furyFury is designed for experienced and novice pilots who want a thrilling drone experience. And with one-touch barrel rolls, flips, and other stunts, along with a remarkable, self-correcting, hands-free hover feature that eliminates drift—even in the wind—this drone definitely delivers. It’s truly a thrill to operate. Under $40. Ages 12+.

Stomp Rocket Extreme (Stomp Rocket)

stomp rocket extremeNeed a break from all those app- and battery-powered devices? Want to add a little physical activity to your flights of fancy? Stomp Rocket has the perfect solution. Just load your rocket on the launcher, back up a few steps, run, jump, and stomp. Then stand back and watch your rocket soar up to 400 feet. Requires no devices and runs on 100% human power. Under $20. Ages 9+. Check out their other models at

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