Hoppin’ Toward Easter

It’s already April, and of course that means that for many, the Easter Bunny will soon be hopping his or her way into their houses with a basket of treats. Here are a few ideas to consider for your kids—or kids at heart.

BuddyPhones (BuddyPhones)

Are you tired of hearing your kid’s video games or other noisy electronics? Do we really need to hear every time their character gets a coin? And don’t we deserve some peace and quiet once and a while? Giving them a set of headphones may sound like a good solution, but research shows that 12.5% of 6-18-year-olds have hearing loss due to overly loud headphones. The solution? Volume-limiting BuddyPhones, which let kids keep their noises to themselves and protect those young eardrums. These fun looking, high-quality headphones come in a variety of popular colors and designs (including a unicorn model). They’re also water resistant and have a battery life of up to 24 hours. Got more than one kid? BuddyPhones offers their patented shared BuddyCable, lets two kids listen at the same time (though getting them agree to what to listen to is up to you). $70-$80. www.buddyphones.com

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Do you have a little Yoshi fan in your life? If so, he or she will love this new game– Yoshi’s first starring adventure on Nintendo Switch. Yoshi ventures through his crafted world, collecting costumes and gems, battling Shy Guys (the most familiar faces in the series) along with thieving mice and other enemies who await. There’s a level that flips stages, and you must do them backwards. Yoshi must help Poochi get her puppies back, since they ran off (as bratty pups tend to do from time to time). Baby Bowser is back, causing a ruckus, as are an all-star team of favorite characters your child will love to interact with. The graphics are fun and funky and the gameplay is accessible yet challenging, which makes this game perfect for younger audiences, while still fun for older ones. For one or two players at a time. $60 on https://www.nintendo.com

Chocolate Gift Baskets (GODIVA)

If you like to give gift baskets to your partner or spouse (or just need a gift for friends, bosses, co-workers, clients, etc.), look no further then Godiva. These melt-in-your-mouth gourmet chocolates are bound to be a hit and savored by any chocolate lover. With many sizes and options to choose from, the biggest and most varied is the Enchanted Easter Chocolate Gift Basket, which is available in stores or online. This basket is chock full with a collection of the best chocolates, plus you get one of GODIVA’s sweet plush 2019 Easter bunnies. The chocolates include one 2019 Limited Edition Plush Bunny with Chocolate Foil Easter Eggs, one Milk Chocolate Bunny, one Eggstra Special Assorted 5-piece Chocolates Gift Box, one Classic Milk Chocolate G Cube Box with 22 candies inside, one Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny with 5 Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs, one Truffle Crème Egg 4-piece Assortment, one Milk Chocolate Bar, and one Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar. Definitely sounds like there’s something there for everyone. Prices vary, although this particular basket is $99.95. https://www.godiva.com