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With Fall officially underway, you’ll probably be doing a lot more of your family fun activities indoors than you were just a few months ago. Here are some of our current Autumn favorites.

Gumball Machine (Klutz)

klutz gumball machineThere’s no question that building things from start to finish is great for kids’ confidence. And if you can sneak in a little (or a lot of) STEAM learning, it’s a double win. This kit comes with everything you and your child will need to build a working gumball machine (except the actual gumballs). The detailed instructions are thorough and helpful. However, assembling the machine definitely requires adult involvement, and the finished product isn’t as sturdy as we’ve come to expect from other Klutz toys.  That said, it’s still a fun way to spend time doing something with your child. For ages 8 and up. Under $25.

Circuit Games (Klutz)

klutz circuit gamesGot a budding Tesla (the inventor, not the car) in your home? If so, he or she will love this kit, which uses real electronic components to build five games that truly work. Better still, you can mix and match those components to experiment and build other projects, further reinforcing the lessons learned. The kit comes with wires, brads, buzzers, tweezers, paper clips, popsicle sticks, LEDs, anxiety-relieving, step-by-step instructions, and everything else you’ll need for the five projects—except batteries. There’s a loop race, a quiz show board, an operation game, and more. For ages 8 and up. Under $25.

Kidvelope Space Rescue (Kidvelope)

kidvelope space rescueWe all know that families don’t always live near each other and that friends sometimes move away. But that’s no reason to lose touch. This cleaver adventure game is specially designed to bridge those geographical gaps. Kids receive a kit in the mail (Space Rescue is the company’s first “mission,” others will surely follow), and start doing the mission’s activities. But problems arise, as they always do, and the kid in question needs to communicate with an adult or a friend to resolve those problems. Answers get entered into the website, which also unlocks additional activities that partners play together. This is a fun way to encourage communication and engagement between generations, and combines both online and offline activities. For ages 6 and up. $21.95 –

Horror Trivia (Endless Games)

horror trivia endless gamesAs you’ve no doubt guessed, this is a trivia game for horror fans. Perfect for Halloween or anytime you need a good scare. Comes with 150 game cards that are about as up-to-date as ghoulishly possible, including questions like, “What 2018 film features a family who lives in silence while hiding from creatures who hunt by sound?” Wouldn’t a better question be, “Why didn’t they just move?” For two or more players, 13 and up. Under $10.

Everybody Knows! (Endless Games)

endless games everybody knowsThis fast-paced trivia game comes with 336 game cards, each with 10 questions that you probably could answer in your sleep. Things like, “What’s the third vowel in the alphabet?” “What’s the Roman numeral for 40?” and “What is male chicken called?” But what if all you have is 60 seconds and the sand in the timer is falling fast? Everybody Knows! also comes with a dry-erase score card and marker, and instructions, which are fairly self-explanatory. For two or more players, ages 12 and up. Under $20.

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