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Figures (Schleich)

schleich figuresWe’ve reviewed Schleich figures here before and since they keep coming up with new ones, we thought we’d bring them to your attention again. Whether you’re looking for farm animals, safari animals, dogs and cats, dinosaurs, safari animals, underwater creatures, nymphs and centaurs, dragons, characters from mythology, your favorite Marvel or DC superheroes, or fantastical beasts made of molten lava, or anything else, Schleich has something wonderful for you. And whether you’re planning to collect these figures and display them on a shelf or actually play with them (which we highly recommend), you’ll love the amazing detail, the quality craftsmanship, and the dazzling colors. And they’ll keep your imagination sizzling for hours. For Ages 4 and up. Prices vary greatly.

Cue Robot (Wonder Workshop)

wonder cue robotCodable robots are definitely a thing these days, but Cue still stands out from the crowd. You can program this little guy to do just about anything, using block programming, JavaScript, Wonder Workshop’s proprietary machine-based language, or any combination. But Cue does more than just follow you around, bump fists (although he doesn’t actually have fists, so it’s more of a fist-to-forehead bump), and imitate you. Cue is also a real wiseguy, with a vocabulary of more than 100,000 words. And if you happen to have one of those kids who prefers texting to speaking, Cue texts as well. And if you pick up the Sketch Kit (sold separately), you can program Cue to draw and create art as well. It’s all very cool. For ages 10+. Under $200 for Cue; under $40 for Sketch Kit.


Stem Starter Kit (My First Lab)

stem starter kitSo many STEM toys focus on technology and engineering, but let’s not forget about the marvels of the natural world. This simple kit easily converts just about any phone or tablet into a powerful microscope that will let you see things in a way you may never have before. Of course, you’ll be able to find plenty of things to look at around your house, like the dirt lurking between the fibers of your carpets or the tiny Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial on the back of a penny. But to get you started, this kit comes with 15 different 3D specimens on prepared slides, including a feather, sugar, salt, hair, and even an insect leg. For ages 6+. $20.


Nikko Turbo Panther 60th Anniversary Edition RC car (Toy State)

Turbo Panther RC carIf you love remote controlled cars (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love this Turbo Panther.  It’s a 1:14 completely proportional scale model that is designed for speed, crazy turns, spins, and more. This baby is very well made and will stand up to those inevitable (or deliberate) crashes. And it’s stable, so there’ll be a minimum of unplanned flipovers. The Panther is designed to zip through any terrain, and because it’s waterproof, you can even run your Panther through the occasional puddle. For ages 6+. Prices vary.




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