Creativity and Imagination

Looking for something fun to stimulate the mind of a creative child? These are a lot of fun, and we know that your little one will get a lot of play out of them.

Spirals & Sounds (Vtech)

spirals and soundsIf you remember Spirograph from when you were a kid, you’ll start doing your happy dance when you unbox this new art kit from VTech. Comes with four animal-shaped stencils and five gears that will let your little one create a nearly unlimited number of spiral shapes and designs. And in case being absorbed in an art project isn’t enough, the Sounds part of Spirals & Sounds includes 20 melodies, encouraging messages, and a variety of rhymes and chatty banter. Uses standard letter-size paper. Under $10. Ages 3+.

Buttonbag Create Time Sewing Kit (Buttonbag)

button bag sewing kitThis kit comes with everything your budding seamstress or tailor will need to learn how to sew. Once she or he has mastered the basics of cutting patterns, hand stitching, applique, and embroidery, there are instructions for a number of confidence-building projects, including animals (elephant, owl), brooches, a purse, and a drawstring bag. Includes cotton and felt fabric, scissors, needles, pins, thread, buttons, ribbon, stuffing, patterns, and instructions. Under $30. Ages 8+.

Koruba (Playmates Toys)

kurobaKuroba is a new collectible that’s essentially a mix of Shopkins and BeyBlade. Small and easy to put away, there are currently 16 different cube-shaped characters with funny, expressive faces and unique personalities. Kuroba are divided into a number of tribes (Fire, Ice, Water, Night, and Terra). They’re featured in a show on the Kuroba YouTube channel, where kids can watch a series of 1-4-minute shorts. You can buy individual Kuroba for about $9. The line includes two-character Training Packs (to practice and enhance skills) and Battle Packs (for blockhead-blockhead combat) for $13-$15, and the Klash Arena playset ($20) for even more battling. Ages 6+. at

Hot Wheels 50th Jumbo Megamat (TCG Toys)

hotwheels megamatPerfect for the car collector or enthusiast, this set comes with two Hot Wheels die cast cars, a foam mat with a city and roads that lets kids drive all over and go exploring without ruining your floors or tables, and is easily wiped clean. This is a special 50th anniversary playmat that also comes with a collectible Hot Wheels poster. $29.99. For ages 3+.

HERO7 Silver (GoPro)

go pro hero7 silverFor older kids who like to capture life, or adults on the go, travelers, adventurers, or anyone who’d like a virtually accident-proof camera that’s built for life, check out GoPro. The new HERO7 Silver camera features high-quality 4K video and 12MP photo, as well as GPS, voice control, electronic image stabilization, and more. The HERO7 Silver goes anywhere and everywhere you go, whether it’s underwater, into mud runs, ziplining, downhill skiing, or anywhere else. Videos and photos are detailed, and you can opt for ultra-long time-lapse video in 4K, half-speed slow-mo, or use the Short Clips feature to capture easy-to-share, 15-second clips. You can zoom, get selfies, burst shots, use a timer, and a lot more. Did we mention that (of course) there’s an app? The HERO 7 retails for about $299. If that’s a little more that your budget will allow, the HERO7 White is an option-packed alternative for about $100 less.

jooki smart speaker (Muuselabs)

jookiCurating the perfect playlist can be a very creative endeavor. And jooki gives parents (and trusted children) the chance to do just that. You create a playlist (or use one you’ve already set up on Spotify), upload it, and link to a figurine (five are included). Then your child will be able to act has his or her own DJ. Parents can limit the volume and set timers. Since the music is stored on juuki, it can go with you anywhere. Includes rechargeable battery, headphone jack, and micro SD slot (max 32 GB, card not included). Under $200. Ages 3+.

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