Break out the Bunnies

Easter is an often-underrated family holiday, and making Easter morning special for your kids by putting together the perfect basket from “The Easter Bunny” is always fun. To help you celebrate the occasion, here are some great toys that you’ll love doing with the kids.

disney matching game, parents@playDisney Matching Game. We’ve all played the classic matching game—where you and your child turn over cards, trying to find matching pairs. Now, the old classic comes with your favorite Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Donald Duck, and others—all decked out in their Easter best. Besides helping with memory (yours and the kids’), pattern recognition, and problem solving, this game is a great way for the whole family to spend time together. Ages 3 and up.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Clash Alley Game. They’re baaaack…. A lot of toys, games, and even TV shows from the 80s are making a comeback—and today’s kids are loving those headband-wearing reptiles as much as you did when you were a kid. In this strategy board game, you and your child work together in 3D to beat the bad guys and rescue April, complete missions, and battle the evil Krang and Shredder. Oh, and there will be plenty of pizza breaks—after all, turtles (and humans) do have to eat. Ages 6 and up.

egg o'bunnies, parents@playEgg O’Bunnies. This adorable game gives the classic Barrel of Monkeys a cute, springtime twist. Kids will love trying to string together a long line of bunnies by the ears. See who can make the longest bunny chain, or tally up how many you can get within a set time limit. The Egg is a great take-along game, small enough to put in your purse or carry in your coat pocket. While waiting for dinner at a local restaurant, we played this game and had a great time. Meanwhile, every other child in the restaurant had his or her face buried in a smart phone, tablet, or DVD player. Increasing family bonding time and enjoying each other is incredibly easy—if you’re willing to unplug once in a while. Ages 3 and up.

Silly Egghead. This is another clever twist on a classic toy—in this case, Egghead replaces Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Insert the interchangeable parts into the holes and you can make a bunny, pig, chick, or a wacky mashup and the three. You and the kids can flex your imaginations even further by creating an Easter or spring story to go along with your creation. Silly Egghead’s top is removable for parts storage and easy take-along fun. Ages 3 and up.

easter costume, parents@playEaster Costumes. Costumes and dress up are more than just fun for kids. Children mimic what they see and hear, and their role playing helps foster creative thinking, socialization, sharing, cooperation, and even problem solving. Oh, and all of that helps build their vocabulary and confidence. Hey, that Easter Bunny has a lot of work to do, painting all those eggs and baskets and delivering them all over the place. You and your little bunny (or chick, duckie, or other spring creature) can do it together. All you need is a well-stocked dress-up box. Let your child’s creativity run wild, and the two of you (or more) will be making memories in no time. If you need a little inspiration or direction, check out:

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