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As much as we love toys and games, we also love books. Reading to your children is a fantastic way to teach, learn, and build close relationships. And that’s what parenting is all about, right? Here are some brand new non-fiction(ish) books that we know you and your little ones (and even your not-so-little ones) will enjoy.

Gods and Heroes: Mythology Around the World (Korwin Briggs)

gods and heroesThanks to the Percy Jackson movies and the Avengers (featuring Thor and Loki), a lot of people are familiar with a few characters from Greek/Roman and Norse mythology. But there are a lot more to mythology than that. This A-Z encyclopedia features than 70 gods, goddesses, warriors, kings, queens, and other fascinating characters—most of which we’re sure you’ve never heard of—from 23 cultures around the world, including Egypt, India, Africa, Japan, China, and Native American. $13.50

A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky (Stuart Atkinson, illustrated by Brendan Kearney)

cat's guide to night skyIf you’re a fan of constellations, you probably know that some of them are based on characters from Greek mythology, such as Orion, Perseus, and Pegasus. And, of course, there are the astrological symbols of Gemini, Taurus, and the others. This book talks a lot about the stars and constellations (and why not, they’re really cool), but also covers planets, the moon, eclipses, the northern lights, satellites, meteor showers, and more. A great introduction to everything that stares back at us when we look up at the sky. $19.99

What Can a Citizen Do? (Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris)

what can a citizen doAll of us are citizens of someplace. But what does that mean? What rights and responsibilities do citizens have? Thanks to this simple-yet-sweet picture book, children no longer have to wait until taking high school civics to learn what citizenship is and what each of us can—and must—do to make the world a better place, whether that’s righting wrongs, helping neighbors, planting trees, or just empathizing with others. $17.99

The Element in the Room: Investigating the Atomic Ingredients that Make up Your Home (Mike Barfield, illustrated by Lauren Humphrey)

element in the roomJoin super detective Sherlock Ohms as he investigates the science the surrounds us. From aluminum to zinc, we learn about the people who discovered the elements, the role the elements play in our everyday lives, some easy (and sometimes explosive) experiments we can do, and plenty of bizarre facts, including that the deadly ingredient used to make the most dangerous weapons in history is also found in our bottled water. Yikes! $16.99

Zen Teen: 40 Ways to Stay Calm When Life Gets Stressful (Tanya Carroll Richardson)

zen teenLife for teenagers is full of stress, from homework and college admissions to peer pressure and keeping up with the latest celebrity style. This book includes 40 mindfulness-based activities that teens can easily try, including meditation, journaling, aromatherapy, cultivating gratitude, and physical activity. The goal is to better cope with life’s everyday stresses. You may even want to try some of these for yourself. $15.99

Yoga for Children: Yoga Cards (Lisa Flynn)

yoga for childrenAdults and teens aren’t the only ones who have stress in their lives. These 50 cards introduce more than 50 yoga poses and mindfulness activities to help kids relax, de-stress, get healthier, and become more resilient. Some are designed to be done by the child him- or herself, others with mom, dad, or even a toy. $14

Fidget Busters: 50 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While You Get Things Done (Donna Bozzo)

fidget bustersEveryone knows about fidget spinners (some of which we’ve reviewed here). But there are a lot of other ways to keep kids entertained and learning. Donna Bozzo presents 50 suggestions, many of which you can make at home (including fake snow, edible finger paint, sensory balloons, and rainbow foam). $9.95

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