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We all know that kids need to be spending time outside working up a sweat and building strong muscles. But they also need plenty of down time. And what better way to relax than by creating art? Here are some truly outstanding ways you and your kids can flex your creativity muscles together.

Tropical Terrarium (Craftivity)

tropical terrariumA great craft activity to do with your tween and/or teen. It comes with everything you need for a fabulous mini garden (except water): a trendy, geometric terrarium; potting mix; seeds; pink flamingo and golden pineapple ornaments; decorative plants, sand, and stones; a water dropper; and instructions. For ages 12+. Under $25.

Plant a Pizza Garden (Creativity for Kids)

plant a pizza gardenA fun way to combine crafting, gardening, and cooking. The kit comes with a pizza tray; non-GMO seeds for tomatoes, oregano, sweet pepper, and basil; potting mix; a plant mister; instructions; and more. But don’t preheat your oven just yet. It’ll take a few weeks for your plants to grow, but once they’re ready, harvest them and whip up a delicious homemade pizza (recipe included, of course). For ages 6+. Under $22.

Dare to Dream Board (Craftivity)

dare to dream boardThis one is aimed more at girls, but there’s no reason why boys can’t enjoy it too. The idea is to collect and display items that make your child uniquely her (or him). The kit comes with wooden planks, paint and paint brush, clothes pins, a variety of embellishments, paper flowers, instructions, and a lot more. For ages 12+. Under $20.

Design Your Own Tote Bag and The Great Adventure Kit (Seedling)

tote bag+adventure kitWe love Seedling! Their well-made products are designed to stimulate creativity and artistic flair in just about anyone. With the Design Your Own Tote Bag, your child (with a little help from you) can cut, paint, and put together a one-of-a-kind bag that expresses the real him or her. It come with fabrics in different patterns, striped ribbon, and glitter. The Great Adventure Kit helps kids channel their inner explorer, and comes with a real compass, mirror, messenger bag, and journal where they can write down their observations (and, perhaps, make some sketches). Both are for ages 5+. The Tote Bag retails for under $40; the Adventure Kit for under $50.

Art Kits (Faber-Castell)

faber-castell art kitsFaber-Castell makes a variety of high-quality art kits for kids and adults of all ages. The Tabletop Art Studio (ages 6+; under $90) allows any young artist to express their ideas in a multitude of different media. The centerpiece is a classic wooden easel/white board combo that can actually be used by two kids at the same time. The Studio also comes with gel crayons, watercolor paints, chalk sticks, and art paper. Fizzy Paint (ages 8+; under $20) encourages kids to learn about color and color mixing, and throws in an element of pure, fizzy fun. Comes with 75 fizzy paints in three colors, paint brushes, water mister and dropper, paper, frames for displaying your creations, and more. Sgraffito (ages 7+; about $7) teaches kids about an ancient art form where the artist scratches the top surface to reveal the colors below. It comes with two art boards, three oil pastel crayons, a wooden stylus (for scratching), acrylic paint; a foam brush, instructions, and more.

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